Friday, 14 November 2014

Don't make a scene

Back in 2011/2012, I put on a series of shows in Oxford with Rob St John under the name Adventures Close to Home.

The gigs were mostly all ages, with touring artists and local supports, often in unusual settings (usually art galleries and churches). 

This month Rob, along with Bartholemew Owl (who promotes gigs in Edinburgh under the name The Gentle Invasion), will publish Don't Make a Scene, a how-to zine detailing everything you need to know to put on DIY, underground gigs in your town or city (or village - there is an article on promoting gigs in smaller towns or rural spaces).

DMAS has contributions from a number of DIY promoters from around the UK: Glasgow, London, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle and many more. These contributions cover all the nitty gritty of promoting, from how to write a budget, to what you need to know about licensing law and even a beginners guide to sound engineering.

Based on my experiences with ACTH in Oxford, I'm honoured to have contributed a section on how to publicise DIY gigs - the 'promoting' part of promotion, covering posters, web publicity, ticket sales etc. The zine is absolutely fantastic. It's a huge treasure trove of information, and a beautiful object too: riso printed on recycled paper, with pictures from a range of talented illustrators throughout. 

You can read more about Don't Make a Scene here, and order a copy for only £5 including delivery here.
A selection of posters for ACTH gigs