Thursday, 31 July 2014

Painting a bleak picture

The Telegraph recently published an article about fishing down the food chain in the English Channel, which claimed that cod, haddock and skate were fast running out in the area - you can read it here.

A skate in a net. Image courtesy of The Telegraph.
The article referenced a study, published in PLOS one,  that used longitudinal landings data to show that finfish were fast being replaced by shellfish in the Channel ecosystem, as stocks of the species higher up the trophic scale dwindled.

I've had some experience of working with longitudinal landings data in the past, and found these to be extremely tricky customers, so I wrote a response to the article. This was published in this week's Fishing News with the headline "Painting a bleak picture".

Fishing News is subscription only, but you can read the full text of my comment here. You can also read a further comment piece on the research by Jason Hall-Spencer, one of the Plymouth University academics who authored the paper, over at The Conversation.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Article in the Ecologist

Just a quick post because an article I wrote a while ago for The Land was recently reprinted (do you still say reprinted for online publishing?) on The Ecologist.

It's been ever so slightly updated since The Land version. You can read it online over at The Ecologist website -